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       Dedicated emotional well-being providers for the music

       and creative arts professionals. collectives, organisations-

       conflict resolution, crisis management, global touring and

       performance support, back stage/green room/confidential

       safe spaces, welfare areas plus therapeutic workshops,

       retreats and residencies merging the process of self

       awareness and inquiry with creative expression and

       personal and professional development.

  • Training, Workshops and Consultancy
    For educational institutions, organisations, mental health centres & addiction treatment providers nationally and internationally.​

  • Festival Welfare Area (Harm Reduction)
    TATVA organises welfare areas at music and arts festivals providing a safe space for people undergoing challenging experiences during festivals including harm reduction & psychological first aid.​​

  • Collaborative Events and Partnerships
    Working with like minded wellness practitioners, healthcare professionals and artists to encourage emotional wellness and expression through exhibitions, performances, readings etc.

  • Recovery Community and Retreats
    TATVA invites persons who have undergone primary treatment in addiction or are in early or long term recovery to receive continuum of care with us as secondary and tertiary providers.

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