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Workshops :

  • The Selector Pro: Women in Electronic Music 

       Workshops organised by Wild City x British Council India

      8 - 10 March 2019

       TATVA co-founder Kripi Malviya will be facilitating a workshop on

       understanding and responding to gender-based harassment and assault in                 nightlife spaces.This workshop is aimed for security staff and personnel that

       work in the events and nightlife industry, and a certificate of participation will be

       issued on completion of this workshop. Created in consultation with UK-based

       nightlife policy experts Good Night Out Campaign.Follow the event here. 

  • Harm Reduction Training: Festival Welfare and Support

      13th December 2019

       TATVA builds on its growing national pool of volunteers throughout India,

       who are called upon to help them with setting up #festivalwelfareareas.

       Come and join the first ever certified harm reduction training in South Asia

       facilitated by professionals; that teaches you how to handle, manage and

       support people going through difficult emotional experiences at

       festivals/events. Book your place here!

  • Deepening Existential Philosophy,Perspectives and Practice:

      A South Asian Existential Psychotherapy Alliance Workshop

      23-25 November 2018

      TATVA's is collaborating with Yaqui Andrés Martínez Robles; the       

       president of Asociación Latinoamericana de Psicoterapia Existencial and             

       the Mexican Círculo de Estudios en Terapia Existencial to host our second   

       annual workshop which is the only international training in this field in the

       subcontinent. Join the cohort of students and professionals from         

       multidisciplinary backgrounds representing

       the #existentialpsychotherapyallianceofsouthasia as we spend three days

       learning with and from each other about our existence in this world and what

       makes life meaningful and purposeful for us and the people around us.

      Book your place now!

  • Existential Psychotherapy: Experiential Mentorship Program

      November, December, January, February, March, April 2018​

       TATVA set up the Existential Psychotherapy Alliance of India

       and South Asia in December 2017 in association with NSPC & 

       the Existential Academy, UK. Since TATVA is the only project in 

       subcontinent working primarily from existential and 

       humanistic principles - we are providing training, mentoring, 

       supervision and therapeutic services for students and 

       professionals from multidisciplinary fields, as a best 

       practice model of ethical and self reflective practices; 

       helping them to develop insights into the introduction of 

       existential concepts in both theory and practice. We invite 

       applicants for two weeks to a month to undergo an experiential  

       mentorship program with us; this includes observing,

       participating and contributing  in some of our projects plus also        

       receiving personal and professional development sessions. 

       We are currently accepting applications for 2018/9Apply here

  • Introducing Existential Psychotherapy 
    22nd - 24th December 2017

    For the first time in the Asian subcontinent, TATVA, in collaboration with theThe Existential Academy and the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling are holding a 3 day experiential workshop with the aim of bringing together Counselling, Psychotherapy and Mental health students and professionals in the region to pave the way for a pioneering group that hopes to engage in advanced training, research and practice in this specialised field and enrich their existing learning and practice.
    Click here for details

  • Social Justice Emotional Wellbeing Program: Sexual Minorities and Sex Workers 

      5th and 6th December 2017

       TATVA in collaboration with Sangama hosted a first of its kind workshop          

       which was an introduction to a comprehensive program that focuses on the

       intersection of psychotherapy, counselling, mental health, social justice and

       human rights. This workshop is was a first in a series of what is called

       TATVA's Social Justice Emotional Wellbeing Program that specialises in psycho

      -education, prevention and intervention rooted in social, political, historical,

       economic, community, cultural and ecological contexts to mental health. 

       Click here for details 

Testimonials :

Erwan Frotin: Visual Artist, France

'For me it has been the pivot of the deepest emotional revolution : beginning to free myself from doubts, to redefine my values, to open new perspectives both in my artistic practice and in my everyday life. I'm convinced that Tatva is developing as a pioneering place where, gradually, a more peaceful and purposeful way of living is being authentically created - with care, passion and intelligence.' For the complete feedback, click here


Sahej Bakshi: Musician and Artist at Dualist Inquiry, India 

'I'd highly recommend this residency to anyone on a creative pursuit - the combination of the beautiful spaces available at Tatva, the state of Goa itself and the great therapeutic guidance from Kripi and David was an ideal one, one that has undoubtedly helped me achieve a greater connection with myself, and as a result my art and creativity."    

Alok Vaid-Menon​: gender non-conforming writer, educator, and performance artist, New York

"The work that's happening here is the most incredible work that I see in the mental health space…..I think that both the process of art making and the process of therapy are linked, and that it's about taking a break from the rest of the world, to check out, and to just explore how I feel.” 

Watch their video with us here

Danny Myburgh, Visual Artist, South Africa
'The facilitators were professional, supportive, nurturing, challenging, thought provoking, thorough, dynamic and creative.  I was able to work extensively and in many different ways on issues around racism during the sessions.  In my private time, I was able to do extensive research and create artworks on the subject. The process was dynamic and changed constantly based on my needs and their expertise" 

Read the whole testimonial here

Shrin Eghtessadi, Empowerment Advocate and Coach, Germany

"Simple and most striking to me is the fact, that we find everything within ourselves. At the same time it is a wonderful gift to find people who cherish you and your healing and share an important step of your way. I leave TATVA Center thankful, excited and full of images, that are urging me to find their equivalent in life."


Residencies :

  • Dasein and Sorge: Therapeutic Residency for Artists of All Genres

      February, March and April 2019

      Apply now to be a part of a residency in #goa #india that nurtures, challenges,

       explores your creative process through expanding awareness of your inner world

       and calls upon your most meaningful, purposeful and powerful. It is an

       opportunity to communicate your #journeys, #aspirations, #futureplans

       your #struggles and #triumphs in a safe environment with other residents;

       serving as a real time measure of your growth and changes in an #intersectional

       #community Apply here

  • Upekkhā: Therapeutic Residency for Multidisciplinary Artists
    1st - 29th July 2018​ & 26th October - 23rd November 2018
    TATVA invites 3-6 artists and creatives from anywhere in the world for a residency experience that will enhance their personal and professional development and creative process; by combining it with self awareness, exploration, reflection and emotional well-being. The personalised sessions, group circles and artist meetings carried out over the course of this residency will focus on enriching unique aspects of your work and practice, your vision, the source and impact of your passion; plus nurturing authenticity, meaning and purpose in your lives. Apply here

Past Events

Past Events :

  • Syntyä: Therapeutic Residency for Music Professionals
    1st - 28th April 2018
    TATVA invites 3-6 professionals in the music industry from anywhere in the world for a residency experience that will enhance their personal and professional development and creative process; by combining it with self exploration, reflection and emotional well-being. The personalised sessions and group circles carried out over the course of this residency will focus on unique aspects affecting your work and practice, your vision, the source and impact of your passion and self care; plus nurturing authenticity, meaning and purpose in your careers. Click here for details

  • Emotional Awareness Artist Residency: 

     25th Oct - 23th Nov 2017

     3-6 artists (couples accepted) are invited to book India’s             first emotional awareness residency to experience a one-

      month long unique program of creative arts process,

      personalised mentoring, one-to-one and group support;

      facilitated by three international highly qualified and

      experienced professionals specialising in the arts, plus

      personal and professional self development and


  • The Poetry Therapy Society of India: Manifesto Meeting March 2017
    The first residential event of the The Poetry Therapy Society of India (PTSI) ,held at TATVA with some of the core members of the PTSI, was about creating a cathartic and authentic space for like minded poets and mental health workers to come together and define the nature and purpose of the society. 

  • Healing for Healers: A Therapeutic Workshop
    October 2016

    a therapeutic workshop in Antwerp, Belgium; aimed at bringing together Health care professionals from all backgrounds - including psychiatrists, psychologists, general physicians, therapists, nursing staff, counsellors, social workers, life and recovery coaches, yoga & pilates instructors, physical fitness trainers, carers of the elderly, masseurs, alternative healers and others; for the purpose of sharing experiences and insights, creating authentic connections and supporting each other though meaningful conversations and networking.

  • Poetry Reading
    September 2016

    Four poets, Scherezade Siobhan, Greg Bem, Kripi Grey and Priyal Mog presented their work.

  • Films Against Stigma: Screening & Conversations
    July 2016

    an interactive evening of film and discussion to reflect and share about what we can do to fight the silence around mental health.

  • An Exploration of Power and the Body - April 2016
    an evening of art, reflections and dialogue in collaboration with Oddjoint Collective. Sambaran Das presented his artwork with a short film screening of a performace art piece; this was followed by an interactive process group to share thoughts and feelings about the themes and messages his art portrays.

  • An Evening of Poetry with Alok Vaid Menon (DarkMatter)
    December 2015

    an intimate night of candor, legacy, and healing hosted by the TATVA Center in collaboration with performance artist Alok Vaid-Menon. Along with Bangalore based artists Sohil Bhatia and Rajesh, Alok will share some of their poetry about growing up as a transgender Indian in the United States. Their work grapples with themes of race, colonialism, gender, sexuality, and immigration.

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