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The purpose of psychotherapy
is to set people free - Rollo May

Join us for a unique, charged and utterly human experience


We are an international Anglo-Indian organisation that focuses on emotional awareness and wellness; by combining psychotherapy and multifaceted self exploration with the creative arts, inclusive experiential practices, travel, nature therapy, social justice​ and cultural immersion.​

We are one of a handful of international residential psychotherapy and recovery communities in the world managed by mental health professionals.


Our mission is to move towards a more collaborative, integrated and multidisciplinary mental health practice in the Indian subcontinent.

We engage with individuals and organizations who wish to deepen their understanding of their relationship with themselves, others and the world. TATVA’s conception is rooted in providing a safe, supportive and professional space for our clients to openly explore their lives and truly reflect on what gives them meaning and purpose.

We collaborate with a multi-disciplinary range of professionals and practitioners; dedicating ourselves to working with all aspects of our clients’ life and experiences that are important to them – while supporting and facilitating their self-development and growth.

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